Seattle: My Corner of Darkness

A New Home

The shadow of a man walked down the poorly lit street of Seattle. Crossing the Darkness of Seattle alone would have been a poor plan just months before, but what did he have to lose at this point he was already dead he thought to himself. He found himself walking aimlessly often during the passing months and with each step he took, he found himself passing the familiar door, only months before he had called home, never stopping only passing by he wondered where his home was now. Frey had told him that he needed to find a place of his own, someplace where the suns rays would not burn his skin. Looking up at the moon, he let the light slide down his face, it just wasn’t the same. Walking further down the street he heard the sound of music filtering out of a nearby building, it looked more like a house than a club but upon approaching the a large man filled the doorway checking Ids. The mortals he new would be dancing and drinking inside, all looking for someone to go home with. The doorman saw him watching and told him to get on his way. Looking down at his tattered clothes he realized it had been many weeks since he had last changed, dark spots stained his shirt, blood he knew. He new he could kill the man before he could say another word, he didn’t know what he was looking for, but it wasn’t a fight. He walked towards a stand of nearby trees that had grown up around the house, the branches heavily weighed down by the foliage above. With smooth grace he slid up the tree and watched more and more enter the club, this may do well he thought to himself. It was not long after that Ari’s instincts proved true, a young man stumbled to the edge of the wood, as he leaned over to wretch the contents of his stomach up Ari dropped lightly to the ground, with practiced precision he sank his teeth into the mans carotid artery, the man succumbed to the Ecstasy, he had no need for more than a few drops but the beast within urged him on, each thump of the mans heart drove the the urge in like a stake. With a sigh , Ari pulled himself away from the man, licking the wound, the man dropped to his knees in a stupor or pleasure and fatigue. Slipping into the woods as silently as he had come Ari thought to himself again a good place. His hand brushed against the rough bark of a tall oak, and then he was gone, he had found his home.

The Steady beat of the music from within the club greeted Ari as stepped out from the tree. The sound reminding him of the same deep throbbing of a mortal heart. The beast ached with the hunger of awakening. Frey had told him he had two choices, control the beast or let it control you. He looked towards the club, it could wait. He began the trek across Georgetown, he needed to speak to Gordon. He had become adept at moving from one shadow to the next, seeing but not being seen. Nostrils flaring slightly the iron rich smell of blood filled the air. The forms of a women and a man were before him, the women appeared to be kissing the mans neck, and the man writhed in pleasure. Hawk like eyes turned from its prey peering into the shadow where Ari stood, the human was lost in the Ecstasy of the moment and took no notice. The hair on Ari’s necked stirred as the beast called for a confrontation. “An unfortunate mistake coming into my territory” Ari growled, “No one has claimed this territory it is an open feeding ground as far as the True Prince is concerned” the female coyly replied. “Do you wish to have a taste”? The female smiled widely revealing her teeth. As she spoke Ari noticed her hand slide to her belt and there was a shine of moon on metal. The beast had been caged long enough. With a cool determination Ari let the Gift of his blood flow, and with unearthly speed he leaped at the women. Surprisingly the women crossed the distance to him in the same instant. Her blade sliced into his worn leather jacket, and for a moment became tangled. Ari’s hands reached for the womens throat, and long black claws quickly met cool white flesh. The women’s eyes went wide, her hands fumbled for the blade, and then she hung limp in his arms. “Your second mistake was drawing steel against me”, turning Ari noticed that the man was huddled Against the wall, a trail of urine ran down his leg and to the pavement. Stepping up to the man and with a practiced skill Ari punched the man straight in the face, the man fell limp against the wall. Ari’s Hunger continued to draw on realizing he still had not broke his fast, he had matters to discuss with Gordon yet, the hunger would have to wait. Looking down at the two limp forms he new what he would say to him.


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