Seattle: My Corner of Darkness

And the shoe falls...

Dani had been waiting for the other shoe to fall. The challenge of being the Mage Council representatives had been the first shoe. Dani didn’t think that they had done too badly and bringing Sarah had been a good choice. Showing her contractual oath obligations to Trucker and then formally greeting the Spring and Summer Ladies seemed to not step on toes. Speaking with both vampire courts and the werewolves of Northern Seattle had been the same as normal. The Madam acknowledged their scheduled meeting the next week. Cassie had taken her serious comments to Fallon as the jest Dani had figured she would, but Dani was glad to see that they were working on their relationship. Prince Coy was good at passing himself off as not a threat, but Dani had learned early in life that those with the prettiest manners were the most dangerous. That was probably why she hated the diplomatic circles of humans so much. The friendly grandfatherly type that had been so nice to her as a young child had been responsible for more atrocities than she ever would have imagined.

Meeting Moorloch the Created only after having met or requesting to meet all the Ladies of the Changeling Court had been more diplomatic than was probably expected out of soldiers of the Mage Council. Moorloch reminded her of the voice of the Nothing in the Neverending Story. The voice was powerful and feared because of what had created him, but was just trying to live in the ever changing world of Fantasia. Moorloch had been polite and with his directness and honesty had earned her respect. She would stand firmly behind Tam’s statement that should the Changelings cease to grant Moorloch a place to stay he could ask the Mage Council for aid.

And the other shoe had fallen while most of the attendees of the Court had been focused on the Mage Council representatives speaking with Moorloch the Created. The Autumn Lady and the 1st Marshal had arrived injured from whatever had delayed them and a man stood just outside the extent of hospitality with a knife and a severed head. If she wasn’t here in an official capacity, she would offer him one of the serving trays to keep the blood off the ground. However, she represented more than just herself at this event and there wasn’t diplomatic immunity on the supernatural level.

Dani decided to show the character that had stood her well with Ingrid and led to her upcoming lessons in the Mind Arcanum. Her actions would reflect on the Mage Council and so she decided to keep inside the granted hospitality, but to pay close attention and see if she could get a better feel for the situation. So, observation and patience were her best plays now that the other shoe had fallen.


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