Seattle: My Corner of Darkness

Arrows for You Zu

It had been a roller coaster like no other than brought them back in time. Tam knew his woods and had found them a quicker way out than straight. DANI had been focusing on direction, not on pathways or trails. Gatewood had changed a lot in 32 years, but people were still polite enough. DANI was glad she had worn her good combat boots that were comfortable for walking. Being back in jeans made her more comfortable, but her two bullet wounds still hurt a bit when she had tugged them on after Zu’s latest magical healing just before they started towards the Council meeting place.

Zu hadn’t been that accepting of them straight up, but the Arrow badges had eased the way. Lucien of the Alki Woods was a master Arrow who knew Tam’s grandfather. Hopefully not well enough to ask him about Tam was the only concern. Talking geek again had been good and Chad’s 3D chess set was awesome. Zu was predictable like most of the guys in his frat and always did the same thing. It had been late when they went to the science lab and they’d been there four hours when they left. An ambush by four mage-hunters would have ended Zu then and there.

DANI had gotten directly in the line of fire from the sniper as the three others closed in. The sniper had shot her in the leg and the gent with the assault rifle had laid into Mal’s shoulder pretty good. DANI had waited until Zu moved into the building and had gotten shot by the gent with the assault rifle in her other leg for her trouble. She’d been in enough fights to know she was hit bad, really bad, and it was better to be in melee combat when you brought a knife to a gun fight. She had closed in the on the guy with the assault rifle who Tam had hit with an arrow. She had needed that rifle to get the sniper. She had seen Mal lay into one of the guys with her sword as she was positioning the rifle. Zu and Tam had taken down the third guy and she had gotten two shots off at the sniper. DANI didn’t know if both had hit, but at least one had. Zu had taken her multitude of scars in when he had patched her up, but she guessed it was because he was embarrassed by her lack of dress. Zu was definitely not a ladies’ man, and DANI had done her best to keep him on edge yesterday. Her train of thought was keeping him on edge might save his life and it fit with her role.

Hanging out at her sorority’s house had been the best place to hide Zu, but it had brought back a lot of memories for her. Zu had thought Tam’s suggestion to change locations meant going somewhere. And she had agreed with Tam that changing routine was a better disguise. Zu would never have gone to their sorority and so it was the best place to stay the night. DANI had played the role of security just like she had in her own time in New York. She had flirted and blended in as much as she could, but had kept an eye on Tam, Mal, and Zu. Tam had gone upstairs with Francine who looked very familiar, but she couldn’t place. Mal and Zu had gone to the room the sorority had extended to them. DANI had hung out on the couch by the door with the president of the local chapter. The couch was better for bullet wounds on the legs than a bed.

Flirting with “The Dez” made her a less memorable Angel than if she had taken offense to his attitude. Today was the day they were supposed to protect Zu and there were a couple of ways that his destiny could be destroyed. One was to take him out after the Council meeting to dishearten the Mages of Seattle and leave the Arrows in disorder. The option the terrorists she was familiar with would take was to take him out when he was preparing for the Council meeting. Including her, Tam, and Mal; there were nine Arrows in Seattle and only three of them knew the importance of protecting Zu. They had to keep Zu alive all day to keep their time line in order. DANI expected trouble at the Council meeting place and additional trouble after if they succeeded.

DANI hated it when she was right, but hopefully this would be the last attack on Zu today. Three on the balcony, one over to the side, and at least three circling around were all that she had detected. She wasn’t totally better from their last gunfight with these people, but it was her mission to make sure that Zu fulfilled his destiny of rallying the Arrows. Mallory was falling for Zu and he for her, so their emotions could get in the way. She had fourteen shots to get into melee range. And the Mage Council was on their way…


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