Seattle: My Corner of Darkness

Facing the Music

Dani slid the photograph that Mal had taken of her and John into the cover of “Seattle Then and Now: A PhotoDocumentary by DANI” before tucking the book into the international mailer. She turned and caught a shimmer in the customized frame that held her parents’ wedding photo, the photo she’d taken of John’s parents and her favorite photograph of Mt. Saint Helen’s erupting. She hadn’t paid attention to where the emeralds from Tam had gone last night. She’d been involved with other things since John had spent the night. At least now she knew where they were.

Dani pulled out her cell phone and hit speed dial nine. She listened to the phone ring and waited until the receptionist said in Russian “You have reached the Minister’s office. How may I direct your call?” Dani replied in English, “Attaché Nikita, please.” Dani thumbed through her cabal record book as she waited. She had added a notation in Russian to her article on their first mission. Told Zu that his and Mallory’s love would be the same after 30 years and promised he would see her again. Think it is helping, but we will have to see. She had finished her article on the Mage Ball while her photographs were being developed. Dani added a notation in Russian. The madam is preparing to move so my actions at St. Margaret’s did have an effect. Hopefully it will save lives in the long run. Spoke with Maral about Ari being a good man. The article covered Tam’s date being a leader of the changeling court, John dancing with Harmony, their cabal being given the responsibility to represent the Mages at the changing of the courts, Cassie and Fallon getting along, and the making of veiled threats by the Madam to the New Prince.

“Angelina why are you calling me at work,” she heard her grandfather say in English. Dani responded in Russian, “I am calling to let you know that I’m sending you a book with a photograph of the man who holds my heart in the cover. He will be the one whose blood mingles with that of the czars in my veins. I love him and we are the same as engaged Grandfather. I need to know what country to send it to so you can be sure to receive it.” She waited knowing that her words and the language she spoke in would both be a shock to her grandfather.


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