Seattle: My Corner of Darkness


Pensively waiting for Dany’s return, tams hawk like eyes darted back and forth and much like a bird stalking its prey tams eyes lingered for a moment on the women crowded around the room. The tension in the room loomed like dark fog, seeming to cover everyone. Tam smiled glancing towards the room he had earlier seen Zu and Mallory head into, “well almost everyone was tense” he thought to himself. His eyes scanning back to the lithe female forms in front of him perhaps that is what he needed as well. His encounter with Francine had been not unexpected, rather it was the norm back in the 21st century for tam to tempt his prey with wide smiles and words that flowed like the Liqueur that often filled their cups. He thought back to the words of those that had sent him here “what you do will effect the present” the present that is now his future he thought to himself, Luke would understand this time traveling shit, and though he had tried to explain it to tam about Einsteins belief that time travel was possible, he had only half listened. What had stuck out in his mind was with one stone throne into a lake the ripples would continue to spread further. He looked around once more thinking perhaps Dani had sneaked back in without him noticing, perhaps he should have told her not to go , that it was to dangerous. To tam dani was like an animal not wishing to be caged, he tended to agree with the thought , not having ever wanted to be held down by anything himself. And yet here he was tied to a cause that just months before would have been merely bad TV. Tam slowly went through his gear piece by piece taking inventory of what he would need, the thought struck him that these were the steps his grandfather had taught him before setting foot in the wilderness, “always be prepared” his grandfather would have said. A tear ran down tams cheek, though he quickly wiped it away, he had not thought much of his grandfather since that night. To much had happened between then and now. Now he was stuck with his thoughts, there was no where to hide, no night club to indulge his appetites. He had studied for a time the craft of death, and those beginning in his tower focused on life and living it to the fullest, tam recognized the fact that all things fade in their time, and life was in fact the beginning of a long journey to the spirits. For a moment tam wondered if his grandfather could hear him if he called out in this time…


dragontree duxuthr

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