Seattle: My Corner of Darkness

Wicked as Cyn

“Alive and Well” by Phantom was playing as the sun rose and Cynthia become dead to the world. It was as soothing at it was invigorating to Cynthia. The last two days had been more stressful than she expected. Being presented to the Seattle Court had been much more difficult than being presented to the LA Court. She had at least been to the LA Court in her capacity as the prince’s child’s ghoul. She had been staked when she was first presented to the LA Court. Vaughn’s sins were being brought before the court and Cyn had been one of his greatest sins. His sire was the prince of the LA Court and he had changed her without permission from his ghoul to his child. The Seattle Court had been darker in tone than the LA Court, but she honored her grandsire, her prince, by wearing the crimson of his court. Cynthia had taken as unassuming of a pose as she could while waiting and let the new members of the Seattle Court be present before her.

Come to find out they were fellow hounds and had been assigned the same hunting area as she had been. So, they were kind of like her squad mates had been when she had been a detective. Looking at her new private eye paperwork, she thought back to her police funeral. How she had missed the camaraderie and companionship the force had given her. It hadn’t even disappeared after she’d become Vaughn’s ghoul. She’d actually gotten her shield after becoming a ghoul. The undercover case where Vaughn—her greatest addiction, her husband, the father of her daughter—had come back into her life was what had earned her her shield. She had given her virginity to Vaughn shortly before he’d moved to LA to make a living in music. Her daughter was the result. When Vaughn had come back on “vacation”, they had run away to Vegas to get married. Nothing like the city of sin for her to get married him to wed his “Wicked as Cyn” he had said. She hadn’t ever been able to figure out what he had been jonesing for a hit of when he left her after being there only two months. At least, until she’d become a ghoul herself.

She still couldn’t believe that there was a blood bond between her and her fellow hounds. Ari was a nice enough fellow, but she saw him as a feral dog without a leash. She was blood bound to him. Samuel seemed like a military type and he was blood bound to her. Ari and Camie were blood bound to Samuel. Camie was one of the cursed of her own clan, but she would protect her secret like she always protected her fellow cops’ secrets. Strangely enough, she had been part of a breaking of the masquerade and shaking down a crime lord with Ari and Samuel already. Cyn had covered up fellow cops addictions and such so it would not be out of character to cover up a broach of the masquerade. Vaughn had taught her to trust her instincts and give in to them when they had both been humans. She had followed them all the way to LA when she had been notified of his death. Working undercover and hearing, “You can trust her. Nobody is a wicked as Cyn,” had made her remember all the ghosts and strange things she had seen growing up. She had turned to see Vaughn like a phantom ‘alive and well’ vouching for her.

Cynthia had never figured out why she always dreamed of Vaughn and her life with him as she slept. And why her dreams always related her present to her past, but that is the way of it. She woke up to Dodge’s German shepherd licking her face. One of these days she would have to break the habit, but for some reason the shepherd liked her despite the vampire thing. That made life so much easier for Dodge than it had been for him under his last master. Dodge had been a gift to her from her grandsire, someone to keep her safe during the day in a new territory. Cynthia smiled and stretched awake to meet the new night.


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