Chaplain Kate Ryan


Chaplain Kate as everyone calls her is one of a kind and came to her found calling in life in the most unusual way. Kate joined the military at the age of 18 and not wanting to fire guns she joined the Chaplain Core and truly loved it as it was like being half counselor and half priest to all kinds of people and beliefs. When the military was cut to half strength Kate lost her job so out of work Kate moved back home to Seattle and tried to find work, unfortunately the only job she could find is be a secretary for a Catholic church but when the Vatican pull the funding for the church and the priests left Kate used her military payout to buy the property so as to keep the church up and running. Now days Kate’s church is the only one open in the neighborhood and has done a lot of good works with the people of the neighborhoods help and Kate has become a loved religious leader of the community.


Kate has recently been asked to join as a member of the neighborhood council and as her first official act held a meeting to ask for volunteers to join the City Watch.

Chaplain Kate Ryan

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