Ari Assirian

Name: Ari Assirian Virtue: Justice Faction:
Age: 24 Vice: Pride
Intelligence: ●OOOO Strength: ●●●●O Presence:●OOOO Wits: ●●●OO Dexterity:●●OOO Manipulation:●●●OO
Resolve: ●●●OO Stamina: ●●OOO Composure:●●OOO
Mental Physical Social
Academics OOOOO Athletics●●●OO Animal Ken OOOOO
Computer ●OOOO Brawl ●●●OO Empathy ●OOOO
Crafts OOOOO Drive OOOOO Expression OOOOO
Investigation ●●OOO Firearms●●OOO Intimidation ●OOOO
Medicine OOOOO Larceny●OOOO Persuasion ●●●OO
Occult OOOOO Stealth●OOOO Socialize OOOOO
Politics ●OOOO SurvivalOOOOO Streetwise ●OOOO
Science OOOOO Weaponry●OOOO Subterfuge ●OOOO
Specialties Merits
Investigation- Crime Scene● Fighting Style Boxing ●●●●O Brawl-Boxing● Fighting Style Kung Fu●●OOO Persuasion- Fast Talk● Quick Draw●OOOO Profession: NYC Police● Resources●OOOO Status●OOOO Bar Fly●OOOO Fame●OOOO
Iron Stamina●OOOO
Health Mortality Size05 OOOOOOOOOOOO 10 O Spee11 □□□□□□□□□□□□ 09 O Defense 02 Willpower 08 O Armor1/b OOOOOOOOOOOO 07 O Initiative 04 □□□□□□□□□□□□ 06 O 05 ●
Experience 04 O
03 O
02 O
01 O


Name: Ari Assirian
Apparent Age: 24
Actual Age: 24
Gender: Male
Clan: Gangrel

Mental: Intelligence 1, Wits 4, Resolve 4

Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4

Social: Presence 1, Manipulation 3, Composure 2

Mental Skills: Computer 1, Investigation (Crime Scene) 2, Politics (Vampire) 1, Occult (Vampire) 1

Physical Skills: Athletics (Boxing) 3, Brawl 3, Firearms (Pistol) 2, Larceny 1, Stealth 1, Weaponry 1

Social Skills: Empathy 1, Intimidation 1, Persuasion (Fast-Talk) 3, Streetwise (Rumors) 1, Subterfuge 1

Merits: Fighting Style-Boxing 1, Fighting Style-Kung Fu 1, Quick Draw 1, Resources 2, Status 1, Haven 2, Bar Fly 1, Iron Stamina 1

Disciplines: Proteen 3, Resilience 2, Celerity 1

Virtue: Justice
Vice: Pride

Willpower: 6

Vitea: 10

Blood Potency: 1

Humanity: 5

Health: 9

Initiative: 5

Defense: 3 (4/0)

Speed: 11

Experience: 0


Background An immigrant from Armenia Ari and his sister Ania moved to the USA to attend College. 2 years later the dream was cut short when Ania was mysteriously and brutally killed. Shortly after this Ari applied for the NYC police academy hoping to bring some justice to the fast degenerating city. It was during his time in the police academy that Ari joined the local boxing circuit quickly becoming a favorite due to his sleight figure and fast hands from previous years of martial arts training. His quick wits and Armenian heritage lead him to being placed undercover within an Armenian criminal organization suspected of trafficking drugs and women, as well they act as bookies and in most cases fixers for illegal fights. Now that the depression has come into full effect and law and order has wained, the lawless sell their wares openly. They travel the highways city to city taking bets and pimping their whores. Continuing to live his cover Ari finds himself slipping closer to the darkness.

Ari Assirian

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