Ex-Vampire Hunter



Estefan Domingo was a vampire hunter who would torture vampires before killing them. He did not believe that the original human survived the transition to vampire form, and that the vampire was a demonic monster that inhabited the human body after destroying the human mind that once inhabited the body.

Estefan was changed into a vampire partly to punish him for the torture he committed on vampires, and partly to finally convince him that the human persona remains intact after the change.

Estefan considers his new state of being a torment, and now calls himself “Tormento”. He feels that he is paying penance for his past sins.

I hurt myself today *To see if I still feel *I focus on the pain *The only thing that’s real *The needle tears a hole *The old familiar sting *Try to kill it all away *But I remember everything *What have I become *My sweetest friend *Everyone I know *Goes away, in the end

“Hurt” Composed by: Trent Reznor Recorded by: Johnny Cash


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