Name: Tamtay Age: 25 Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Greed
Strength oooDexterity oooStamina ooResolve:ooIntelligence:ooWits:ooPresence oooo Manipulation oo Composure oo
Academics Computer Crafts o Investigation Medicine o Occult o Politics o Science
Athletics oo Brawl o Drive Firearms Larceny o Stealth oo Survival oo Weaponry ooo
Animal Ken Empathy o Expression o Intimidation Persuasion oo Socialize o Streetwise o Subterfuge o

Skill Specialties Athletics (Archery o) Weaponry (Bows o, Knives o)

Equipment Compound Bow Bowie Knife

Rotes Adamantite Arrow - Salve the wounds of battle. - Eye of the Storm - Blessing of the gods - Untouchable - Body Mind - Detect Intruders

Merits Fighting Style Archery oo Resources oooo Sleep Walker Retainer ooo

Faction: Adamantite Arrows

Arcana Thyrus Time/Fate Death: Fate: oo Force: Life: oo Matter: Mind: Prime: Spirit:o Space: o Time:

Wisdom 1--——10

Health: 7

Mana: 5

Gnosis: 1

Willpower: 4

Size: 5

Initiative: 5

Defense: 2

Speed: 11

Experience: 4xp

Tamtay one of the few remaining members of his tribe has cut all but financial ties to his tribe. A member of the tribe he is partial owner of a casino near Seattle. Tamtay was raised from a very young age by his grandfather DarkSky who took Tam in after his parents had died during a trek through through the mountains, though experienced a sudden unexpected mud slide had taken their lives. Darksky raised Tam to follow the history of his tribe. How to track and hunt with bow, knife and if needed his bare hands. When Tam turned 18 he left the tribe to study at the university perusing a degree in business and finance. Though he spent more time chasing girls than studying he came back to the tribe with new ideas of how to make the casino turn a profit, making himself quite wealthy in the process. He soon realized that the idea of “going green” was a means to profit as well, and began to not only support but take part with local activist groups attempting to chase business developers out of the area. As Tam became more involved he began to help vandalize and destroy property of potential business competitors. His grandfather attempted to stop tams reckless behavior, telling him that this was not the way of the Tribe. That evening in a drunken rage Tam sought out a local competitors club waiting for all inside to go home. Setting the building a blaze he sat inside watching the building beginning to smolder in front of him. His grandfather appeared at this time attempting to physically drag Tam out from the building. Has the two wrestled back and forth the building began to be engulfed in flame. Realizing that now the doorway was filled with flame, Tam rushed towards a window looking out, he quickly scavenged up enough material to fashion a rope. Tam began the climb down four story side of the building. Upon landing on the ground , he looked up for his grandfather only to see flames leaping out of the window. That is when it happened an experience like none other Tam had Awakened.


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