Seattle: My Corner of Darkness

Diario Tormento

Tonight I met The Hounds of The Lady. They were on the hunt for the serial killer, which was a monster of darkness. I ran into them right after they had tracked the creature to a dark alley and I assisted them in destroying the creature. There were four Hounds. Although I did not learn their names, it was easy to divine their nature.

Lobo Grande: The obvious leader. His cruel gaze filled me with horror. His terrible presence commanded the others.

Lobo Comandante: With a single word, she took control of my being and pushed my terror to the back of my mind. Her will was for me to assist the victim of the monster. I could not resist her power. I doubt I ever would be able to.

Lobo Guerrero: Action, not words. We stood shoulder to shoulder hacking into the monster. When it died, there was an eruption of flames; Flames which he scarcely noticed. This one fears nothing.

Lobo Loco: She dresses as a child does. She recites odd comments about books. But none of this conceals her lethality when she stands in a dark alley, holding a smoking .45.

When the battle was over, The Hounds instructed me to obey the will of The Lady and to maintain La Mascarada. I agreed to both. Before we parted, they requested an introduction to Stone. I agreed to this also. The meeting will be at Chrome & Leather at 10:00 pm tomorrow. It is a meeting that I dread. And strangely, it is a meeting I also look forward to.


Muy interesante.

Diario Tormento

:) Lobo Loco hehe

Diario Tormento
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